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Do I need to be a professional investor? Can you take non-US investors?

Yes, US investors need to be Accredited Investors. Non-US investors must be professional investors.

What is the minimum investment size?


Will I be required to complete KYC?

KYC is done in real-time during the sFOX onboarding process.

How are fees collected?

Fees are drawn directly from your managed account. Management Fees are quoted annually, and drawn quarterly, based on the quarter-end value of the account. Performance Fees are collected anually, and are subject to a high-watermark.

What types of deposits can be made?

Fiat and Crypto deposits are accepted. For a comprehensive list of accepted assets please refer to this article: Available Cryptocurrency Markets on sFOX.

What is the lockup period / how often can I deposit / withdraw?

Unlike a fund, our non-custodial solution allows you to deposit and withdraw funds as you please. We do however appreciate a notice in the event you’d like to withdraw your funds.

Where are my assets held? How safe is it?

Animus is partnered with sFOX. All client accounts are secured by industry-leading security, via sFOX SAFE. For more information on security and compliance visit: sFOX SAFE.

Can I participate in multiple strategies?

Yes, we encourage you to participate in multiple strategies. Each strategy is intended to give an investor exposure to specific assets and risk/return profiles. If you’d like advice on the best strategy to achieve your investment goals, please contact our team.

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