About Us

Algorithmic investing through artificial intelligence.

Animus provides the technology for developing and deploying reliable, AI-driven trading strategies at an institutional scale

The Animus Platform has created an advantage because of its unique data sourcing and patent protected methods that create the indicators powering our trading strategies. We have collaborated with an industry leader in the field of unstructured financial data to create a custom indicator that autonomously changes our portfolio weights to optimize performance.

Our Mission

Provide our clients sustainable success in the cryptocurrency markets through curated investment strategies.

The Animus platform is a suite of tools designed for researching, building and deploying fully-autonomous, data-driven strategies. Our in-house data pipeline aggregates information from a vast array of data sources, covering fundamental, technical, and alternative data sources. Our proprietary pipeline distills this information into actionable trading insights, which allow us to identify emerging market trends and proactively optimize our client’s portfolios.

Performance is nothing without trust. Animus has partnered with sFOX to offer our clients an unrivaled experience, backed by industry-leading security.

Our Team

Maximilian Pace

Co-Founder | CEO

Jack Elliott

Co-Founder | Head of Technology

Garett Gross

Co-Founder | Head of Client Acquisitions

Michael Zaydon


Taylor Distler


Our Partners

Outperform BTC; beat the best-performing benchmark of the decade.

Since the launch of our live platform, Animus has successfully outperformed our benchmark from both a total return and risk adjusted basis. The Animus Platform is uniquely designed to provide investors long-term alpha to the market without taking on excess risk.