Crypto with Confidence.

Animus offers reliable, AI-driven trading strategies for digital assets.


Sustainable success in the crypto market requires tech as advanced as the blockchain itself.

Crypto adoption is well on its way. Animus Technologies offers an intelligent asset management solution for those who are long term investors in digital assets. Our full automated, data-driven approach is designed to enhance traditional investment strategies by actively rebalancing your portfolio based on fluctuations in market trends.

Strategic Expansion Opportunities

Our proprietary, general purpose framework allows us to rapidly expand into different digital assets and provide targeted investment models for our investors. Each strategic model is either hand-designed, or learned directly from data, leveraging techniques from our ever-growing library of AI architectures.

Strategic data-driven growth

The cryptocurrency market is full of opportunities, and risk. The Animus Platform is specifically designed to provide investors with systematic solutions to reducing market volatility and enhancing investor returns over market cycles.

Our Partners

BTC Alpha Strategy


Return (USD Denominated)


Return (BTC Denominated)


Leverage Used

The Animus Bitcoin Alpha Strategy utilizes natural language processing and sentiment analysis on various news sources to identify shifts in market psychology. We use this information to dynamically adjust our asset allocation on a daily basis, aiming to provide superior returns to Bitcoin buy-and-hold.

Outperform BTC; beat the best-performing benchmark of the decade.

Since the launch of our live platform, Animus has successfully outperformed our benchmark from both a total return and risk adjusted basis. The Animus Platform is uniquely designed to provide investors long-term alpha to the market without taking on excess risk.